Welcome to Na’vi Dreamer!

Kaltxì! And welcome to Na’vi Dreamer. A place where I share my love of the movie Avatar. I have loved the movie since I first saw it back in 2010. I even wrote a paper on the film in college, and have been a quiet lurker in different fan forums since around 2014. Unfortunately, the two main forums I frequented are fairly inactive and have been for a long time. This fandom is pretty quiet and low-key, and for the most part, everyone is really nice although I’ve had my run-ins with a jerk or two.

This site will be a blog where I rant, rave, discuss, and fangirl about anything pertaining to the movie Avatar. If you are a lover of this film, the Na’vi language, and are excited for the sequels, you are welcome here.

I am a firm believer that you can absolutely love something and still be able to see its faults and critique it accordingly. With that being said, this is a hate free site. Negativity, toxicity, and general movie bashing is not wanted or welcome here.

If you see my name – Na’vi Dreamer – elsewhere on the internet, I used to have a tumblr. I don’t post there anymore, though I’m sure my posts are still floating around somewhere. I did try to go back and retrieve some of my old posts, but I wasn’t able to find them all. Of the ones I did find, I will be reblogging them here because I still want to share those thoughts. So pardon the redundancy if you’re one of the few humans that used to follow me over there.

I also care a lot about the earth, the environment, wildlife, and indigenous communities. As a descendant of slave and native ancestors, and with one of these ancestors still living well into her 90s, I will always and forever care about and speak about these things.

On that note, welcome to the Na’vi Dreamer and thank you for stopping by. I hope you stick around for a while 🙂