Another Avatar Rant Because I’m Tired of Being Tired.

I just read another article about how the Avatar sequels have been delayed *insert large number of times here* and I had to stop reading because I found myself getting upset…again lol.

I am sooooo impatient! I’m tired of waiting, as I’m sure many fans are.

Like, did y’all know the Avatar sequels were announced in 2010 and the original release dates for Avatar 2 and 3 was supposed to be December 2014 and 2015?? THAT’S how many time the release dates have been pushed back. 2014 was already 5 years after the original which is long enough for a sequel (in my eyes), anyway).

I’m glad that James Cameron only wants to present the best of his work for these sequels, but I will be honest and say that I have moments where I’m just losing steam. I’m tired of holding onto hope that we will actually see these sequels. Thinking of Avatar as a standalone movie is what keeps me in the fandom because I’ll be honest again: some of the news that has been released about these films don’t sound appealing to me. Such as:

  1. Quaritch being the villain of all four sequels. Why? He died. Keep him dead. And having the same villain for FIVE movies? James Cameron better be really creative because that will get old. Fast.
  2. Avatar 2 taking place A WHOLE DECADE after the first film. I’m sure this was done because it’s actually been over a decade since the first film anyway, but yikes. Time jumps have never been my favorite when it comes to stories.
  3. The story will allegedly focus largely on Jake and Neytiri’s three children who are all extremely young. Yea….can’t say that sparks my interest. Like, at all.

I know the December 2022 date is apparently the definite release date, but at this point, how many definite release dates have we gotten??

I’m just tired. I’m tired of hoping. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of being strung along because that’s all it is at this point, being strung along. So from this moment forward, in my mind, Avatar is a standalone movie until the next one hits theaters…if it ever even does.

I will no longer be reading any updates, news releases, or viewing any Avatar concept art. These movies should have been released ages ago.

A part of me even thinks that the new storyline allegedly focusing on Jake’s and Neytiri’s kids is because a large portion of the audience for this movie will most likely not be the same people who loved it back in 2009. We’ve all grown up and you can’t really find any fandom geeks like myself still involved in the fandom.

Even the forums that used to be full of life with thousands of members interacting every day, all hours of the day, are practically dead. If you visit them, you’ll get the same few people who have held on all this time. I was a silent lurker in two forums since 2014 and can attest that those two are practically dead and I see the same three to five names every time I log in.

So maybe this film is for the new generation. Generation Z.

Idk, I’m just rambling at this point because I’M FRUSTRATED! 😭

Release these daggon movies and stop playing with us!!