Pandoran Fauna: The Tetrapteron

I wonder if we will get to see the Tetrapteron in the new movie since the new movie is supposed to largely take place in or around water. The Tetrapteron is found in wetlands or near the ocean and hunts in flocks, so this would be really cool to see.

I just imagine a scene where the camera is panning over a body of water and there is just a huge flock of Tetrapterons that are a multitude of beautiful, bright colors, standing in the water or flying low over it like flamingos do.

Low flying Tetrapterons over turquoise water with the beauty of the rest of Pandora in the background. That just sounds so perfect 💙

Pandoran Fauna: The Slinger

This is by far THE MOST horrifying and creepy animal on Pandora. Hands down.

Out of all the frightening animals on the moon of Pandora, this would be the one to make me completely faint in fear…or just die on sight lol.

Like, wtf??

Read that page. Reeeaaddd it! And tell me if you would get anywhere near that creature. Two creatures in one body??

Count me out.

Avatar Costuming: Mo’at

Hello! I just wanted to come on here and share one of my favorite looks from the Avatar film: Mo’at’s shawl.

I absolutely love how Mo’at’s shawl looks like a cross between an iridescent leaf and an insect’s wing. It’s so creative and beautiful ✨

Almost all of the Na’vi clothing is made from the things around them; plants, animals, trees, and other items from the earth. So I am curious to know what Mo’at’s shawl is supposed to be made out of so that it fits within the Pandoran universe. I do not recall seeing any insects large enough to create such a draping shawl, nor were we as viewers introduced to any flora that resembles her shawl. The piece moves and flows like thin fabric, however, being that the Na’vi are so weary of “Sky People”, I doubt it is fabric received through human-Na’vi trade.

If there is one thing that I wish was included on the directors extended cut of the movie dvd, I wish the costume designer could have had a segment in the extra bits explaining the costumes and what the material is supposed to represent or be made from.

Creating A Na’vi Name

When it comes to names, meaning plays a huge role for me. My parents felt the same way when they named me and my siblings as each of our names have their own distinct meanings, and mine specifically does a great job at mildly defining me as a person and what I like.

My real name has the meaning of heaven, sky, moon, or celestial, depending on which culture you take the meaning from. When I discovered this, I thought it was really interesting because one of the things I love the most is the moon and space. Back in high school science classes, I always did the best on the units about stars and planets while practically failing all the other units. Back then, trying to look up if life on other planets was real was an everyday occurrence for me. And to this very day, you’d be hard-pressed to pull me away from a window when there is a clear night sky and the moon is visible.

It could be a coincidence that I love these things and my name means sky/moon/celestial, but I feel like names are funny like that. They are tethered to us and their meanings play a distinct role in who we are.

I wanted to choose a Na’vi name for one reason: I’m literally Avatar trash and I just simply wanted one lol. But since there are no actual living Na’vi, it’s not like someone can bestow a name upon me after being accepted into a clan. So I had to choose one for myself. I only chose a first name since a full Na’vi name includes the names of both parents.

It’s one thing to just choose a name because it sounds nice, but I wanted more than that. I wanted this name to feel more like an extension of me and less like an alter ego or fake persona. Pretty much just like my real name is an extension of me. So, I decidedd to take the meaning of my birth name combined with my love for the night sky and have decided on the name Oare’yawne. Beloved Moon.

[Oh-ahr-eh | Yau-neh]

I love this meaning. I love the sound of it. I love the way it’s spelled. I love the way it looks written down. And it still feels like me.

Kaltxì. Oe lu Oare’yawne. You can call me Oare. 💙💜🤍

Where Are The Avatar Quizzes?

I must admit…I’m kinda sad the Avatar movie website got rid of all the fun quizzes they used to have 😒

A general movie quiz, a character quiz, a Na’vi tribe quiz. Why’d they ever get rid of those? This franchise is already only feeding us crumbs. Give us some fun to hold us over. I’m the weirdo that retakes quizzes just to see if my results will change lol