Why Quaritch Returning For All The Avatar Sequels Makes No Sense (a small rant)

I might just be ranting into the void here, but am I the only one annoyed that Quaritch will be returning for the Avatar sequels? All. Four. Of. Them.

He’s not the only one supposedly returning from the dead but I’m sticking to only talking about Quaritch here.

The actor, S. Lang, did his job well as I absolutely hated the character of Quaritch. I mean, we weren’t actually supposed to like him. He was a villain. A villain with the age-old reason for being a villain: Greed. Greed that then turns into genocide. You know, like real life.

He served his purpose for the first movie and I personally feel like he is not needed anymore. There are only so many ways you can present the trigger happy, money hungry human who sees indigenous people as “savages” for a compelling story. And I, for one, am not interested in seeing him be the main antagonist again or team up with any other antagonists the future stories might have. And if I’m being 1000% honest, I don’t want to see him grow a heart and do the ol’ switcheroo either, fighting for “the good guys” now.

The main reason I don’t want him in any sequels is because he’s supposed to be dead. Heart not beating. Brain no longer functioning. DEAD. Homie got shot by Neytiri with not one, but three arrows. One to the heart and two to other areas of his chest.

At the beginning of the movie, Quaritch himself made a huge whoopdidoo about the Na’vi using arrows tipped in poison that stops the heart in only a matter of seconds. And I quote:

“They’re fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin that will stop your heart in ONE MINUTE.”

Once again, this man was shot with THREE of these. And I’m supposed to believe that he somehow survived??? Or am I supposed to believe that of all times to not use a poison tipped arrow, Neytiri chose not to use poison tips during an all-out war??

And even if she didn’t use a poison tip, she still shot him in the heart at least once. So, it just makes no sense to me. And I am personally not find of characters being brought back to life when they are supposed to be dead and we actually saw them die on screen.

Leave the crazy man dead. Throw his whole character away. He’s served his purpose and is no longer needed. Get a different villain.

You want to bring somebody back from the dead? Bring back Tsu’tey.

The First Post!

All these years I have been a fan of the Avatar film, I have never seen the director’s extended cut. I’ve finally watched it and omg the emotiiioonnss! So many things just hit home harder. The impact is sooo much more intense and I just….wow 💙💙

I know this movie gets a lot of hate, but I teared up so many times watching this.

Stunning graphics and effects, a story with heart and a great message. Idc what anyone says. This will never not be an amazing film.

~ Navi Dreamer ~