Neytiri Should Have Been Toruk Makto


Not only is this completely plausible and would make perfect sense with Neytiri’s character/personality alignment, it also would have helped dismantle the “white savior” complex this movie unfortunately suffers from.

I can honestly see all three of them being Toruk Makto.

Jake: because of his sheer stupidity and his desperation to be accepted among the Na’vi. Rationality was never his strong suit. Rash, absolutely. But never rational.

Neytiri: because of her warrior spirit and desire to save her people. We know from the deleted scenes in the extended edition that she would never have become the Tsahìk anyway because she chose Jake over Tsutey, and honestly?? It was obvious she had no desire to be the next Tsahìk anyway. She was a fighter and her love for her land and her people definitely could have driven her to seek out the Toruk in order to become the next Toruk Makto.

Tsutey: because homie was born a fighter and a leader. He will do whatever it takes to protect his home, his land, and his people. I mean, did you see the way he leapt into a helicopter for head-on combat while they were shooting guns and throwing grenades??? Tsutey has NO FEAR. Which is what unfortunately led to his death, but I think this is proof that he also could have been the Toruk Makto even if it was only for a short while. And quite honestly, if Tsutey was going to die, I would have much rathe him died being the Toruk Makto. Honorable, justifiable, and would have made perfect sense.

*sigh* if only…

The First Post!

All these years I have been a fan of the Avatar film, I have never seen the director’s extended cut. I’ve finally watched it and omg the emotiiioonnss! So many things just hit home harder. The impact is sooo much more intense and I just….wow 💙💙

I know this movie gets a lot of hate, but I teared up so many times watching this.

Stunning graphics and effects, a story with heart and a great message. Idc what anyone says. This will never not be an amazing film.

~ Navi Dreamer ~