Avatar Costuming: Mo’at

Hello! I just wanted to come on here and share one of my favorite looks from the Avatar film: Mo’at’s shawl.

I absolutely love how Mo’at’s shawl looks like a cross between an iridescent leaf and an insect’s wing. It’s so creative and beautiful ✨

Almost all of the Na’vi clothing is made from the things around them; plants, animals, trees, and other items from the earth. So I am curious to know what Mo’at’s shawl is supposed to be made out of so that it fits within the Pandoran universe. I do not recall seeing any insects large enough to create such a draping shawl, nor were we as viewers introduced to any flora that resembles her shawl. The piece moves and flows like thin fabric, however, being that the Na’vi are so weary of “Sky People”, I doubt it is fabric received through human-Na’vi trade.

If there is one thing that I wish was included on the directors extended cut of the movie dvd, I wish the costume designer could have had a segment in the extra bits explaining the costumes and what the material is supposed to represent or be made from.