Creating a Na’vi Name (Part 2)

So, I’ve gone back to thinking about the creation of a Na’vi name. I made a post some time ago about introducing my Na’vi name, but only stuck with creating a first name. Since the official Na’vi name conventions include both the family name and the name of a parent depending on whether your are male of female, I initially chose not to create a full name. But now I sorta kinda want to, so here I am yet again lol.

I have chosen to keep the naming structure that the Na’vi have which is [first name] te [family name] [mother’s name]’ite. I am to use the ending of ‘ite’ since I am a female. However, I don’t want to just transliterate my family name or use my mother’s name at all. Instead, for the family name, I am just going to take the meaning of my family name, just as I did with my own first name. And for the place where my mother’s name is supposed to be, I am going to substitute it with a small portion of my online presence name.

The meaning of my family name is “brave; powerful”. The Na’vi word for brave is tstew. My online name is Na’vi Dreamer. Dreamer is a word that I have always loved for many reasons, and I feel it fits me very well which is why I chose it as a screen name. The Na’vi word for dream is unil. In order to get the word “dreamer”, I have to add the suffix ‘-yu’ which roughly equates to the English suffix of ‘-er’. The ‘yu’ suffix turns a verb into a noun. Specifically, it turns the verb into the person who is doing that verb. So, unil = dream (the verb), and unilyu = dreamer (the person doing the verb).

So, putting that all together, my family name would be [tstew] and the last part of my name would be [unilyu’ite]. Once again, the Na’vi naming structure is: [first name] te [family name] [mother’s name]’ite. So my full Na’vi name would be as follows:

Oare’yawne te Tstew Unilyu’ite

And you guuuyyssss!! I actually really love it! I won’t lie, I thought doing it this way would make me come up with something ridiculously difficult to pronounce or that looked and sounded terrible. But I like this! Here is my best attempt at a pronunciation guide:

[oh-ahr-eh | yau-neh] [teh] [ts-steh-oo] [oo-neel-yu] [ee-teh]

The literal translation of my first name is Beloved Moon, and the literal translation of the rest of my name would be Brave Dreamer. And seriously, I love it so much. Oare’yawne. Tstew Unilyu.

Beloved moon. Brave dreamer 💙💜🤍

~ Na’vi Dreamer ~

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