Hello again…

It’s been months since I have posted anything and the 1-year anniversary of my very first post has already passed. I know I don’t have many readers for this small blog, but I thought I’d share why I’ve been gone regardless. I guess I have just been feeling discouraged and overwhelmed these past few months.

Discouraged because as a long-time fan of the Avatar film, I don’t know how to feel about the sequel we are finally getting. Mostly because, of all the information that has been released about the storyline and characters, I can’t bring myself to even fake like I am interested. And since I am not interested, I am having a hard time balancing my disinterest for the second film with my love for the first film, in order to keep this blog going.

I don’t care about Jake’s and Neytiri’s kids. I don’t want to follow around their children for this movie. It doesn’t interest me that Jake wants to adopt a human child. I don’t care about nor do I want to see family drama. I don’t want to see Quaritch as a villain again, let alone for ALL of the following sequels. And I’m annoyed that this movie takes place a decade after the events of the first movie since, you know…this film is being released THIRTEEN YEARS after the first film.

I look around online and so many die-hard fans of James Cameron have so much faith in him. I can’t say I am a JC stan, I just like the Avatar film. So, I guess that blind faith that everyone else has is just not there in me. I want to be excited for this new film. I want to be interested in the plot. But so far I’m just…not. And that disappoints me even more for some reason.

Maybe it’s because the original film had such an impact on me from such a young age that I had my own expectations. And even though the second film has yet to be released, those expectations are not being met so far. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I truly wanted a continuation, not subsequent stand-alone films.

I don’t want this to come off as if I am dissing James Cameron or the Avatar franchise. I made a whole site devoted to the fandom for heaven’s sake. But…I don’t know. I guess I just feel jaded towards it all, and I feel disappointed about feeling so jaded because I freakin love Avatar.

I’ve also been feeling overwhelmed because of all the horrible things happening in the world lately. Bad things happen all the time, I know, but it feels like there has been a huge spotlight on all the negativity happening in the world recently. Every single day on all the news channels there are reports of bad things.

Recently, just a few days ago, there was another police shooting of a black man in the US. There is an all out war in Europe right now. And in Brazil, the government has passed a bill to give the green light for continuing to burn down the Amazon rain forest, and the two environmental websites that I follow the most closely have had nothing but bad updates on trying to hold western banks accountable for helping fund he deforestation of the Amazon.

All of this just makes me feel sick to my stomach honestly, and even staying involved in my fandoms, like Avatar, for some escape aren’t helping. I feel like the world is in shambles and has been since the initial covid shut down back in late 2019/early 2020. I didn’t mean to get on here and be so down and sad, but this is why I have not been posting for the past three and half months.

If you are reading this, I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself the best you can. Even with covid mandates dropping and things starting to return back to “normal”, please continue to be safe, check on your friends and family, and don’t give up the fight on protecting our earth. It’s tough and can sometimes feel like a hopeless battle, but please stay strong. It’s something I also try to tell myself everyday.

Eywa be with you all 💙

~ Na’vi Dreamer ~